Message From Emre Büyükgöz

While working as a manager in many companies and institutions during my professional life, I realized that the management had difficulties in focusing on the main tasks and it takes a great deal of time for all the services and services offered in the buildings and facilities.

Today, facility management and support services have developed and become a business line in itself and have created their own market. When I examined the market, I noticed that companies which provide professional facility management and support services in a professional way are companies with big foreign capital or these companies are overtaken by foreign companies in time even if they are founded with domestic capital.

It was my all-time dream to establish a company that was founded with a purely domestic capital, managed by a professional team and served in such quality that the clients would not need for foreign companies.

Yesu, established to render service to Pegasus Airlines in 2015, has become a well-known company in the region with the help of its human-focused approach and high-quality services, so it has succeeded to add companies such as Bora Jet, Teknopark Istanbul, Bilişim Vadisi, Cappadocia University and Ispark to the portfolio besides Pegasus Airlines. Our company which started to work with the companies which are manufacturing for the leading companies of our country’s defense industry, has also installed cleaning and support services for major companies such as Roketsan, TAI, BMC, TEI and SAP. In this regard, YESU has evolved into a group of companies capable of providing cleaning services, consulting services, catering services, technical facility management services.

We believe that the YESU Group, who keeps its enthusiasm of the very first day, develops its team day by day, delivers a solid business ethics and delivers all the described jobs in the highest quality, and puts the direct customers in the business focus themselves, will provide high added value to the service sector by keeping these values alive.

In this regard, I would like to thank once again for the contribution of the esteemed managers of the companies that we serve as well as my devote team.